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PhotoPhilia™ Overview
PhotoPhilia Screenshot

PhotoPhilia Album with thumbnails list, data entry form and the image with captions
Rapid viewing for more than 30 popular file formats such as JPEG, Exif, multipage TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, AWD, FPX, PCD, TGA, and multimedia files.

Full list of supported file formats

Direct RAW format support for Canon CRW/CR2, Nikon NEF, Minolta MRW, Sony SRF, and FUJIFILM RAF. The program can display the RAW files, convert the files to other supported formats (including batch conversion). You can set such preload parameters as white balance, contrast, and other as global or for any RAW file individually.

Exif standard support: the program reads Exif data, displays Exif fields as a list or customizable captions, searches for Exif data. Build-in editor and lossless JPEG transformations preserve Exif data in the file. The program also can use the Exif Orientation tag (some digital cameras have an orientation sensor) to correctly display images and auto-rotate them.

Using a multi-pane Explorer-style layout and familiar concepts such as thumbnails, categories, bookmarks, and favorites, it's quick and easy to find and view images scattered across your hard drives and removable media. The program can scan your hard drives, get images from CDs, removable drives, from digital cameras and scanners (TWAIN) and organize them into albums.

It's easy to assign categories, comments, keywords to each photo, and you can search for images based upon these fields, as well as by filename, date, size, Exif data, Looks Like™ criteria, and custom data.

Ideal for taking control of huge collections of images and digital photos, PhotoPhilia uses thumbnail caching, read-ahead logic, and multi-threading to let you move effortlessly through thousands of files. After creating thumbnails of your images, PhotoPhilia lets you browse and search your collection without having to swap CDs or removable disks.

Sample Slideshow
Download sample slideshow
The Slideshow Creator lets you create slideshows that include captions, transitions, background music, sound annotations for each slide, thumbnails list for easy browsing, password protection, and playback controls. Simply create slideshow as an EXE file and send it to your friend or prepare a single data file and play it with free Slideshow Player

The built-in image editor lets you crop, auto-trim, and resize your images. You can rotate, flip, and skew images, adjust their white/gray/black balance, brightness, contrast, and gamma, remove red eye, and apply a rich set of artistic effects including posterizing, blurring, embossing, solarizing, and more.

If you'd like to print your digital photos, PhotoPhilia can easily transform them into stunning printed pages. The program has the ability to print several photos on a single page.

PhotoPhilia Screenshot

PhotoPhilia Album with data list, Categories pane and the Search dialog. The filter is set by two categories.
The HTML generator turns your image collection into HTML pages, in a number of formats including HTML slideshows with more than 20 transition effects and background music. Below are samples of the HTML output:

HTML Slideshow
Blend transition
Blend transition
Random transitions
Random transitions
Note Blend and Random transitions require MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

The Batch processing tool lets you automate your image processing tasks. In addition to automating file management operations, you can automatically perform the rotating, cropping and apply other image editing effects.

PhotoPhilia provides you with a rich set of tools. Actually each tool is a scenario for the Batch processing. You can create your own scenarios, modify existing ones, and export/import them.

  • Convert Wizard - transforms images into different file formats
  • Rename Files - make it easy to number your files, or add prefixes or suffixes to their names
  • Contact Sheet - creates compact, printable sheets containing groups of images
  • Multi Page Image - creates a multipage image file (TIFF, PCX, FPX, AWD) from a list of images
  • Stamp - combines images with a small rectangle containing text or image
  • Edge - applies 3D edges to the images
  • Frame - adds a frame to the images
PhotoPhilia Screenshot

PhotoPhilia Explorer with tree view, thumbnails, Exif pane and the image with Exif captions.
Other features:
  • The main window can contain up to four customizable panes: directory tree, file list, thumbnails, thumbnails with data, data entry form (including Categories, Exif, and Custom data), image view
  • The Categories pane lets you assign categories to the images with a click
  • You can customize the size of thumbnails, compression method (JPEG or BMP) and their appearance
  • Clipboard and drag-and-drop operations support
  • Full screen mode with up to 9 images at the same time
  • Templates for text captions in the full screen and slide show
  • Image effects that can be saved as attached data and applied on image loading: brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, rotate, vertical/horizontal flip
  • Multipage files editing: insert/append/delete/replace/move pages
  • Looks Like™ - search the same images. You can set the matching factor, search horizontally flipped images, select the more careful or fast search
  • Scenario Editor allows you to edit, save and load batch processing scenarios
  • You can use your image collection as a screensaver
  • Wallpaper Changer allows your desktop wallpaper to change automatically and lets you create calendar events/reminders
  • File Types manager allows you control file extensions on your system
  • Export/Import data attached to your images
  • Download trial version
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