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PhotoPhilia™ 1.9.4
File size is 4.1 MB
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PhotoPhilia™ Download
The file you download is a fully-functional 30-day trial PhotoPhilia™ 1.9.4 self-extracting packed distributive file. The trial version will be working on the computer for 30 days since its first start. As the trial period expires the program will require the registration. You can order PhotoPhilia™ and obtain the registration key here.

System requirements:
Operating system: MS Windows, any version
Minimal hardware: CPU 1.4 GHz, RAM 1 GB, Free Disk Space 2 GB

To install PhotoPhilia™:
1. Locate the downloaded pholi194.exe file on your hard drives.
2. Run this file and follow instructions.

Note 1. Upgrade to the version 1.9.4 is free for all registered customers of previous PhotoPhilia™ versions.

Note 2. If you already installed any previous version of PhotoPhilia™ and that version has already expired, then the version 1.9.4 starts the trial period from the beginning.

Note 3. To read Canon RAW files (*.CRW) you have to download the additional package phcrw6.exe (file size is 2.0 MB) and install it over the existing version.

Note 4. To read Nikon RAW files (*.NEF) you have to download the new additional package phnef4.exe (file size is 2.8 MB) and install it over the existing version. Supported cameras: D1X/D1H, D100, D2H, D50, D70 and D70s.

PhotoPhilia™ Slideshow Player Download
Note. The player is included into the PhotoPhilia™ version 1.9.4 distributive, hence, if you install PhotoPhilia™ 1.9.4 then it is not necessary to download player, because it is already located in the PhotoPhilia program folder (it may be "C:\Program Files\Pholix Software\PhotoPhilia\phplayer.exe").

Download PhotoPhilia Slideshow Player - a small free application for slideshow playback (file size is 670 KB). After download locate the downloaded phplayer.exe file, move it to any folder and then run it once.
  Slideshow Player is intended for playing slideshows created with PhotoPhilia™. The Slideshow Creator lets you create slideshows that include captions, transitions, background music, sound annotations for each slide, thumbnails list for easy browsing, password protection, and playback controls. Simply create slideshow as an EXE file and send it to your friend or prepare a single data file and play it with this free Slideshow Player.

Download Sample Slideshow  You can download the small sample slideshow created with PhotoPhilia™ (file size is 1.4 MB). After download locate the downloaded prague.exe file and run it.
PhotoPhilia™ PAD file
PAD file is available: pad_file.xml

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